Mainspring programs encompass numeric, algebraic, geometric, statistic and analytic aspects. Learners are encouraged to develop and explore ideas in depth, and see that mathematics is an integrated whole and not merely isolated pieces of knowledge.

Learners should be given a variety of exploratory experiences to help them develop an acute understanding of mathematical concepts. To make sense of the various mathematical ideas, their connective and applicative skills should be nurtured, in order for them to participate actively in learning mathematics and increasing their confidence. The use of manipulatives (concrete materials), hands-on tasks, and technological aids should be part of the educational experience for learners.

1. Pre-school Program

2. Primary Program


The world is fast transforming into a knowledge-based society with rapid developments in technology . The generational shift in home language and an increasing competitive international environment are key drivers that make proficiency in English a necessity.

At mainspring, our program will develop our student's ability to use English to express themselves with robust foundational skills, particularly in grammar, spelling and basic pronunciation. Our program achieve this through cognitive and affective engagement, interaction that will guide our student towards an awareness of the purpose, audience, context and culture in which the communication takes place.


The desired outcome of Mainspring Science program is to prepare our students to be sufficient adepts as effective individuals, able to function, excel and contribute to an increasingly technologically-driven world.

Central to our program is to inculcate a spirit of connecting scientific knowledge, understanding and application. It will involve using relevant skills and process with the right ethics and attitudes. These approaches are essential to the practice of science.