From the parents



Parent of Quynh Anh

thuytrucQuynh Anh & Mrs. Kim Quy

It was all new to her on the first day going to Mainspring school. After couple of months studying at Mainspring, she gets used to Singapore’s math concept that is willing to answer all parents’ questions. Every day, she waits for math class and likes volunteering to do exercises in class.

I recognize obviously her progress in math day by day and especially her tend-to-be favorite in Math and numbers. At school, not only does my kid get knowledge but also engage with friends and teacher. Singapore Math at Mainspring is really good environment for kid’s development with teacher’s enthusiasm and patience.

I would like to show deep gratitude to teacher and Mainspring who creates her pleasures of studying but not in stressful and boring manner as of math’s definition.

My daughter does not want to miss any math class in spite of in raining day or in sickness. She loves class with friends, teacher and falls in love with math from here. That is her sharing when coming back to home.

Many thanks to Mainspring and Teachers

Mrs. Kim Quy (Parent of Quynh Anh)


Parent of Viet Huan

thuytrucViet Huan & Mrs Truc.

I thoroughly read and feel Mainspring learning programs fairly useful and diversified with many kinds of lessons designed to have kids to practice logic thinking, problem solving in different types of environment. That is what we expected on my son.

Mrs. Thuy Truc (Parent of Viet Huan)

Parent of Quoc Khang

quockhangQuoc Khang & Mr Dung.

Not only does teaching Math through brain games and activities impress to me a lot but also the teachers at Mainspring instruct my kids with proper conduct and basic living skills in life. I am rest assured to get them studied at Mainspring.

Mr. Quoc Dung (Parent of Quoc Khang)